Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goodbye Again, Appetite

Right on schedule, I want nothing to do with food.  *sigh*  I bugged out of work at 11:30 this morning, two hours earlier than I had planned, but I was feeling crappy.  I knew it was too early for my Neulasta shot, since it has to be 24 hours after chemo, so I stopped at Target.  I was about halfway through and got REALLY light headed.  That's when it hit me that I had ingested nothing other than Gatorade and water all day, and it was noon.

I went to the snack bar to see if there was anything there that I could force down, and they had a yogurt parfait.  I paid $2 for $.50 worth of yogurt, so I forced it down, and then regretted it.  It took care of the shaky feeling, but it sat on my stomach like a rock.

They got me in early for my shot (my initial appointment was for 4:00, but they took me at 1:15,) and I came home.  I haven't much left my bed since.  I did eat a few saltines to take my medicine, and at 6:30 I forced down some soup.

This is my bi-weekly whiny post, I suppose.  I've burned it up awfully early.  Didn't make it past day 2.  LOL


Donna said...

I'm pretty sure people on chemo get a free "whining" card. I read that somewhere.

Anita said...

Checking in from my crazy, but healthy life. I shouldn't complain, should I?

Believin' God that yours will be healthy again soon.

Forty Pound Sack said...

I think you're doing amazing.

FrankandMary said...

That isn't is stating your present reality.