Monday, June 25, 2012

This is Getting Ridiculous

I've officially had a headache for nine days in a row.  I don't have it all day, but it lingers around for most of the day.  I'm keeping a "chemo diary" of sorts, so I can track trends and watch for side effects.  That's how I noticed that I have had a headache since June 17th.  That's the first time it was noted in those notes.  I'm a little slow at connecting dots sometimes, so it wasn't until the past 5 days that I've really been trying to figure out what is triggering the dang things.

I thought I may have cut caffeine too quickly, so I added some back.  It's not caffeine.  I thought it might be from one of my medications, but I haven't taken any medications in over a week.  It's not medication.  I thought that it may have something to do with lack of sleep, but I've been taking a sleep aid two out of three days, and am now getting plenty of sleep on those nights.  It's not lack of sleep.

I started noticing, over the past five days or so that I don't usually wake up with it.  Maybe I have NEVER had it first thing in the morning, but I'm slow to connect the dots (or sometimes even recognize the dots,) remember?

So I've been pouring over my short-hand type notes, and trying to figure it out.  I noticed that I got it not long after eating a square of lasagna yesterday.  Kevin and I discussed that it could be cheese or some component in that dish, so I decided to note what I have recently eaten when this stupid headache shows up.

This morning I had no headache.  I always feel so good as I head out to work!  Plenty of energy and no headache.  When I got there, I put in a couple of hours and decided I was hungry.  I ate some cantaloupe that I had cut up and brought along, as well as a trail mix granola bar.  Not even ten minutes had passed before my head started to ache.

The headache was still there at lunch time, so I thought, "In for a penny, in for a pound!" and ate my leftovers.  By the time I hit the eight hour mark, I couldn't take any more and I headed home.  I've been in bed since I got here, wishing my head would just STOP already.

My final observation is that my head didn't hurt while I had all the other side effects.  Remember what I ate during that time?  Nothing, unless I forced down chicken noodle soup or mac-n-cheese.  Bland foods.  I'm now wondering if it will stop hurting if I switch back to only bland things.  That will be the next thing I try, if left to my own devices.

I hope that I won't be, though.  I have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow morning.  I'm going to talk this out with her and see if she has any ideas.  A week or so ago, I joked, "Well, at least I only have to deal with this for 16 weeks."  It's not funny anymore.  I can't do this for (now) 14 more weeks.  Most days, I would rate the pain at a three or four on the 1-10 pain scale.  Today's was easily an eight or nine.

Nope.  I can't do this.  Well, let me correct that statement.  If I had a choice, I would say that about breast cancer.  "I can't do this."  However, I can do this, and I am doing it.  If I find no relief, I guess I'll have no more say about the headache than I do about cancer.  However, as amazing as my health care providers have done in preventing or minimizing side effects, I'm sure they'll have something I can try.


Anonymous said...

It is at least possible that the stress of the whole situation is doing it to you.

I wish you had a choice too, but without one, really, you are doing the very best you can. ~Mary

Sonya Cox said...

hmmmm...have you googled it? That's what I would do. So you said it comes after you eat? Are you always eating something with bread/pasta/sugar/wheat? I hope you get it resolved soon. I was just about to post on FB that I have a headache, but mine will seem wimpy now compared to yours. I think I will count my blessings and pray for both of us - mine is probably not enough caffiene and having to deal with work stress. It's been an "eyeroller" of a work day if you have ever had one of those. Thinking about you girl and trying to keep up with you. My job about to end now so I'll have more reading time. You know you can call me anytime if you wanna gab or gripe or laugh or cry. I'll send the cell number. :-) I might do all 4 too. lol

Donna said...

I'm betting it's a side effect of the chemo/steroids. Of course that's only a wild guess.

Lindie said...

Thia is off the charts in the "poor baby!" category. Hope you will find relif soon.