Sunday, June 24, 2012


That is a dramatic title, isn't it?  LOL  That's me.  I'm all about the drama.

Kevin and I left the house shortly after five yesterday morning.  I do my best in the morning, and lose steam in the afternoon, so we headed out before the sun came up.  IHOP was our breakfast choice, and then we did some shopping.  I'm at a point in my chemo cycle that I really shouldn't be out around the germs that come with John Q. Public, but I was careful not to touch anything, and it was so early that there were no crowds.

By nine, I was starting to get tired.  I didn't even want to stay at WalMart long enough to get groceries.  We had grabbed the other things we needed, and I just wanted to be home.  I knew Kevin wanted to eat Chinese before the day was over, so I suggested that he take the girls for dinner and they do the grocery shopping.  A plan was formed.

I took a nap while the girls cleaned the house.  They've been slacking on chores lately, so the whole job was theirs.  I must say that they did a pretty darn good job.  I was happy with what I saw when I woke up.  They left for their adventure, and I went to visit my aunt and cousin for a while.  I got home before them and ate some dinner.

Later in the evening, Natalie sat down on the love seat and sneezed.  I asked if she was sick.  "I don't think so." was her answer, but her voice sounded very nasal.  And then she sneezed again.  By then it was after 8:30, so I just went to bed.  This morning I sanitized the remote controls, light switch plates, and anything else that I thought she may have touched.

A little bit ago she came upstairs.  Yup, she's sick.  I can't chance getting sick or it will postpone my chemo that is scheduled for Wednesday.  Postponing chemotherapy gives the cancer cells a chance to recover and start growing and multiplying again.  I do NOT want to postpone it.  Therefore, I am in my room for the day.  This is a germ-free zone.  I have a TV, my laptop, books and magazines, and my water bottle.  I think I'm set.


Sonya Cox said...

So nice of the girls to clean. I guess a nice quarantine can be nice sometime if you are in the mood for it. Hope it worked and that you didn't get it. Hope Natalie not too sick too.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Ask your nurse for a stash of disposable surgical masks. Yeah, you'll feel like a dork in them but they do the trick when you have to be around others.