Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Good Day

I DID have a good day today.  I overdid it in the heat, I think, but I had fun.  I felt nearly normal again...maybe even better than yesterday.  I asked my buddy Tammy if she'd like to get lunch or something, and she was game (as was her hubby Greg.)  They had some things to take care of first, and then I met them at their house, and showed Tammy and her daughter Brooke WAY more than they thought they'd see today.  (They wanted to see, so I showed them!)

Then, Tammy and I piled into Greg's truck and headed out for lunch.  We went to Texas Roadhouse and I ate like an idiot.  I was SO hungry.  I really ate too much.  I had chicken fried steak, sweet potato, salad and a beer, and it took four hours before I recovered.  So.Full.  We also had a good time laughing and I made Tammy cry (it was a good one, though) and she had Greg take us to a store I'd never heard of.

It had some cool stuff, and I'd be happy to tell you the name of it, if I remembered.  Let's just say it's that store beside the other store in that place with all the new stores.  In that one town.  West of here.  You know the place.

All in all, it was a fun day.  Driving home during the hottest part of the day with no a/c in the car is probably what did me in, but sitting in the a/c at home with a fan pointed at my recliner has me feeling good again.  I could go to sleep now, but I'm waiting a bit longer.  I have to keep a more regular schedule now that I'm back to work.

It feels SO good to feel so good.  Tiny, manageable aches and pains, but who doesn't have those?  I do find that, if I sleep in my bed at all, I wake up with my back screaming.  I spent 6 weeks sleeping in the recliner, and I have to ease back into sleeping in a real bed.  Weird huh?  Still, once I'm up and showered and moving, I feel normal.  Two days in a row!  Even better, no breakdown tonight!

Oh, and to answer some questions from comments:

  • I have been researching the heck out of all the medications that are in my regimen.  I know the side effects, common and rare.  I'm ready.  *sigh*
  • I have the numbing stuff to put over the port site, and plan to use it.  They accessed it once already to take blood, and it didn't hurt at all, and that was without the cream, so I don't expect problems that way.
  • I will get anti-nausea meds prescribed, and maybe during treatment if necessary.  Everyone reacts differently to chemo, so until I've had that first treatment, we won't know what's necessary for me, but we'll be fully prepare for any of it.
  • Yes, I know it's healthy to let myself cry.  I just am making sure that I don't slip into a funk.  I will allow myself short bursts of waah, but I will NOT let them become the norm.
  • I appreciate the prayers and kind words.  They mean the world to me right now.  Thank you. 



Having a GOOD couple of days is monumental. Little things make the difference. I've had my back scream from time to time and laying on my sofa is the only place to get comfortable, so I don't think it's weird, at all. Take things one day at a time when Chemo starts. Find what works for you. But remember it may change day to day. You have a GREAT attitude. But you do not have to be strong all the time. you are surrounded by love and support. My prayers are with you. take care.

Margaret said...

Glad that you are feeling strong and positive! Great news. :) Keep up the good fight.