Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday 'N Stuff

Yesterday sucked pretty bad.  I hurt all day, and even had to break out the hard-core meds.  (I haven't taken stronger than Tylenol or Advil for over a week.)  It was depressing to feel like I was going backwards as far as healing.  I don't know why it happened or if I did something to cause it or if it was a reminder that I'm not 100%, but it sucked.

My buddy Susie sent an amazing fleece blanket to me that she tied, to take to treatments.  I got it at work yesterday.  I really needed a good surprise, so her timing was impeccable.  Made me get teary and girly at work, but I blamed the meds.  :)  On Kevin's way home, he picked up Kameron.

Talk about the fountain of youth!  Even sitting here feeling crappy was easier, just watching and chatting with her.  She's so animated and funny.  The girls took her up to the fair for a bit to scope things out for today.  We'll go up and let her play some games this morning, come home for a nap, and then get a wrist band for her to ride for a few hours tonight.  (She's already informed me which horse she'll ride on the carousel.  Now THAT is planning ahead.)

I slept in the recliner last night, and I think it helped.  I'll know for sure after a hot shower and some coffee.  That's my usual morning medication, and it's usually enough.  Here's hopin'!  I am in desperate need of a real good weekend, and I'll do everything in my power to make it so.  Who could be down and discouraged with the town fair going on???  Not me!


Forty Pound Sack said...

Hope you're feeling better ~

Rachel said...

I'm definitely better than yesterday, that's for sure!

Drea said...

I don't believe that you've gone "backwards". Being more sore after your first full week at work is *totally* normal! I can say that because it happened to me after both of my recent surgeries... returning to normal (or even more) activities does cause some more pain, because your body is still healing. I felt a bit discouraged when I had to take meds to get through that hump too, but it was still a major success because the cause was being able to DO things again. :)

Amy said...

Now that you're having more better need to embrace that crappy day and work it like a 2 dollar hooker, girl.

nerves05 said...

Kami is absolutly a beautiful little girl. You guys need to put that baby in a pageant.. I know she would win.
PLs don't think you are going backwards. Your not. You just may have done something you didn't even realize.. Your poor little body has been though alot. So continue to hang in there, rest when you need to and keep chugging along the best you can.. Like i've said many times.. You are one tough cookie my friend. (((HUGGS))