Sunday, June 3, 2012

Are You Butt Hurt?

So, I have this weird friend.  That's probably why we're friends.  She is REALLY weird.  What helps the friendship even more is the fact that we've had such drastically different lives and experiences, so there is never any shortage of discussion topics.

This lady regularly shoots rattlers to keep them from biting (probably killing) her dogs.  (More than once is "regularly" to me.)  There is reason I don't live in central Texas.  She used to live in Phoenix, and she is visiting there this weekend.  It's 115 degrees.  There is a reason I don't live in Phoenix.

She has lived in Japan, she has worked a goat ranch, and she is working with a local (to HERE, not to her TX home) winery to make prickly pear wine.  There is so much more that I could fill a post with, but won't.  I told you she was weird.  Wait.  Maybe I meant "cool."

Anyway, a year or so ago, she used the term "butt hurt" about a coworker.  Huh?  She repeated that said coworker was butt hurt about something that had happened at work.  What in the HECK are you saying?  She acted like it was a common term, and I put it in the "Brookeism" column in my mind.  Then I promptly forgot about it for a year or so, unless she'd say it, making me chuckle.

So there is this message board that she and I are both a part of.  It's actually how we met, indirectly.  I finally, yesterday, posted something about the fact that this is something that NOBODY but Brooke would say.  Let me tell you, I think I might be the ONLY person in the WORLD who does NOT say it!  It's turned into a funny conversation over there, but seriously?  Other people SAY that?  I am blown away.

Actually, I might be a bit butt hurt over the whole thing.


Lindie said...

So, what does it mean?

Rachel said...

It pretty much means you got your little feelings hurt. But more like getting them hurt for no valid reason...wearing your heart on your sleeve, maybe?