Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Not much of a post.  I still have a headache today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.  Also, there were two different 1-hour segments in which I'm certain it was gone.  I don't know if my friend Susie's chocolate and diet Coke cure worked, but it was fun to try.

This afternoon, I had a craving for chips, so I hit the vending machine.  Not only did I buy a bag of Sun Chips, but I ate them, too!  And they were good!  I thought myself lucky to have enjoyed something after craving it, and then I headed home.  Kevin fixed my a/c last night, so the ride home was much more comfortable, and I noticed that I was kinda hungry.  Hungry for anything.

I came home and had leftovers from last night, and it was good!  Sweet merciful crap!  I think I like food again.   I hope this wasn't a one-day deal.  I'm full for the first time in a week.  It would be nice to know that the appetite thing is something that I only have to deal with for one week out of the two-week chemo cycle.  We'll see.


Donna said...

Maybe you are almost ready for some PW chicken spaghetti?

Remo said...

QT called. They're going to put your face on a milk carton or something. :)

Shell said...

I'm so glad that you are learning what to expect. At least you will be prepared for next time and cut yourself some slack.

If you are up to it, maybe you could make some stuff that freezes well when you feel up to it and then pop it in the oven and it's DINNER!

I'm also a huge fan of Texas Toast frozen garlic bread with cheese. It's pre-sliced, so you only make as much as you need. It's not cheap, but there are store brands which are just as good. 7 minutes for the bread, a bag of salad, pasta and jar of sauce. That's dinner in under 15 minutes, and your girls can do it!

I don't know if you have extra freezer space or not, but soups in big batches then frozen in portion sizes are healthier and taste better than canned. Most of the stuff I make is easy enough to teach your kids as well. (Hell, if I can teach Jim to make decent fried chicken, I can teach anyone!) :)


Lindie said...

Chocolate and diet coke have all that caffeine which is so good for a headache. I got a tremendous headache from a lumbar injection this afternoon and came home and made a big stron cup of tea and muched on some chocolate and my headache is almost gone.