Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Kill and Rain

I woke up on time today! It's a glorious thing, to wake up on time. No stressful rushing, no grumbling while I dress, no worry about traffic. No problems!

Today, I left 5 minutes ahead of schedule, and walked out the door into sprinkles. The hard rain was over, but it was misting and sprinkling a bit. No biggie. On the way in, I had a lot of thoughts.

The first 20 minutes of my drive are rural. This is the time of year (like spring) when wildlife is on the move. On the move often requires crossing a road or highway. Today, it was like a slalom course! A raccoon here, a possum there, a couple of squirrels over yonder. Sheesh! The smokin' hot Neon earned it's keep this morning.

It was also dark...and raining. I can drive in the rain, and I can drive in the dark. Both at once, however, mess with my eyes. Lights glare, puddles splash, lanes are invisible. I go a bit slower, and hope that the sky lights up a bit to help. I'd rather not deal with it, frankly.

Anywho, the rain is gone (and I saw an awesome lightning show) and tomorrow will be smooth sailing...

Except for the Road-Kill-Slalom-Course. And the 4702 frogs that died under the tires of my car. Creepy to be inside the Frogger game from the viewpoint of the car.

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