Monday, October 26, 2009

Monica's follow up

Today was the day of Monica's appointment with the specialist. She went to Centerpoint for this event.

I won't show all of her pictures here, since they're on FB, but today was the appointment. I sent her with the camera, but she didn't take any of the Xray process. Kevin filled out paperwork and got her there, and they did Xrays of the right knee.

Then, up to the Dr's office for the appointment. When he saw her and the Xray, he wanted to see an Xray of her left (good) knee for reference. (What? Does he not know what a GOOD knee looks like? LOL j/k) They went back down for more Xrays, then back up to Dr's office.

Something in there is NOT right. He doesn't want to operate on someone her age, so he wants to try therapy. She is to do PT in a nearby town (thank goodness it's only 6 miles away) for 3 weeks, 3 days a week. She starts tomorrow.

I really hope it's not a copay each visit. If it is, they said they'd instruct us and let us do most at home. $20 a visit, at 9 visits, would kill us. They sound like they're going to be easy to get along with.

Meanwhile, the knee is still swollen, the knee still hurts, and the Dr says that something is torn in there. They can't know anything for sure without cutting, and we're avoiding that. We'll wait until the follow-up next month.

*sigh* Pass the the Pringles. This is stressful.


Donna said...

Well... at least it isn't cancer. Feel better now?

Amy said...

i've got torn up tendons in my knee. sure, they could go in and clean it up, but eesh.... am I ready for being parked in bed for who knows how long hoping my knee will be better?

i hope they gave her some pain killers! lil mama is too young to feel like a grandma all the time...

Traci said...

Why not an MRI? Poor kiddo. I hope it gets better soon!