Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You can't get there from here

After work today, I had some errands to run for work. No biggie, get things done, and then get home. Home is always my biggest goal at 5:00. I am that red blur you see on the highway. The smokin' hot Neon gets me home with no help.

Today, though, things had to be done. I needed an iPhone for certain things that I do for work. I got it late yesterday (the boss got a new one, I got his...it's awesome) and we got it reformatted and made it mine. After work today, I was to stop at the ATT store to get the bundle, which includes a case, 2-year warranty, and a car charger. I was also to ask if they could transfer my contacts from my T-Mobile phone. I'm keeping it, but I want my contacts on both.

I stopped at the ATT store, and got the bundle. Feeling proud, I left, and got 9 miles down the road when I realized that I hadn't asked them to transfer my contacts. ARRGGG! OK, I can do that in Blue Springs, while I make my other stop for things for the front counter at work. I thought about it for a while and then got mad.

I got mad at myself. How could I forget to ask them about my phone book contacts? Why did I forget one of only two things that I was to do? I got mad enough that I decided to go home and forget the other errands. I'll do them tomorrow. I'm like that. I get mad at myself and decide to chuck it all. Sue me.

The rest of this won't make sense to anyone that doesn't live around here, so good night:

I took 50 East to hit F and go North to OG. 1/3 mile in, there was a HUGE line of cars, stopped, and a sign saying "One way traffic." Oh, HELL no. I'm NOT sitting for 20 minutes for a mile of rural traffic to go by, just to be stopped again later.

I turned around in a driveway and got back on 50, and then called Kevin. I told him of my plight and said that I'd hit 131. I added that I'd hit D if I saw it in time. He said, "Good luck! It isn't D out there! You need to look for Z." Umm, OK. Whatever. I hung up and saw the sign for Z almost immediately.

I turned on Z, and it was quite a pleasant trip. The trees are changing colors and the road was smooth. I made a quick pit stop at a friend's house, and got to meet her great-nephews. Cool. OK, back on the road. The best thing was that I knew the way from here. I thought.

When I got to I-70, traffic was backed up. Why? Who knows? Anyway, I decided to stay on course and take the dreaded D, North of Bates City. What a hairpin! 2 miles in, I got behind a semi hauling grain. ARRGG! I drove 20-30 mph for a while, until he turned off.

Yes, I *did* finally get home, but I was starting to wonder. From now on, it's Blue Ridge to I-70 to OG. No exceptions! I can take care of the other errands in BS tomorrow. But will I? Depends on my mood.

At least I'm home, and warm, and comfy, and full. I made it, even though you can't get here from there!


Donna said...

As long as they're doing all that road work in OG, we avoid it like the plague.

Rachel said...

But who'd have thought it was starting out by Lone Jack? LOL

Lindie said...

I used to live off Z north of 50. Knew exactly what you were saying!