Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am warm.

No biggie? Wrong-o, mister. I am NEVER warm enough. From October 1 until March 31, I am cold. I'm cold at work, I'm cold in the car, I'm cold while watching TV. We keep our thermostat around 68 (propane is expensive!) so I layer up. Still, until I'm under a blanket, I'm cold.

I was cold all day at work (except during my breaks where I went outside and sat in the sun) and I was cold on my way home. If I get the car warm enough for my upper body to be comfortable, my feet are sweating. I get home and freeze on the way into the house. Until I'm in sweats and a sweatshirt, I'm cold.

OK, so I'm home, in my sweats, just fed pizza (in my bed) by hubby, with quilts surrounding me and a warm laptop in my lap. Yes, folks, I'm warm. I have a warm and safe home that many do not have. I appreciate it VERY much more in the winter. Windows that close and an oven to cook my food and a husband who changed my oil, rotated the tires, cleaned out the smokin' hot Neon, and still cooked my dinner.

Thankful. That's the word of the night.

A girl could get used to this.


Donna said...

Somehow "smokin' hot" doesn't seem to go with "Neon". But maybe that's just me.

Rachel said...

Smokin' Hot is exactly the description for that car. Maybe you didn't notice. I'll bring it over this weekend and point out the things that you're missing.

Amy said...

Don't tell me you have a specialty license plate - SMOKN


Celeste said...

Stay warm

Lindie said...

I have been so cold the last few days and I refuse to turn on my heat! Put on a sweater then my robe and crawled under the covers. Part of my problem is I am recovering from surgery and I blame that! Trying for a few more weeks of no gas bills.