Thursday, October 8, 2009

Power. I need POWER!

So, here I am. In my warm bed, watching TV with Monica, while she listens to music via headphones. Yes, we are very lazy multi-taskers around here.

Tonight's problem is that I left the power cord to the MAC at work. They were working on stuff up there, plugging and unplugging cords. I finally got my chance to unhook everything and pack it up when someone called my extension. I got up off the floor (where I have to sit to unhook the Mac...don't ask) and got distracted. Rookie mistake.

Now, I have 1 hour left on the battery, and the spare battery is almost dead. How did THAT happen? I think Bentley should give me a spare power cord to leave here. I bet he has 27 of them. Yeah, I bet he does. I also hope he reads this, feels horrible about my plight, and rushes in to work early tomorrow to bring one to me.

Yeah, I'm sure that's going to happen.

Wait, did you just see that pig fly by the window? Satan is complaining about the ice situation, too.

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