Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cool Weather, and sleeping in

Wow, is it chilly out there! I love autumn. I leave the windows open and pile on the quilts. God bless my Grandma Allen for making quilts. They are warm and tough and wonderful. I miss you, Grandma!

The mornings are cool, the evenings are cool, and the afternoons are quite comfortable. Tomorrow will bring rain, but that's OK. Rain will be fine. I work inside, anyway. Soon, I'll have to close the windows, but for now...quilts and fresh air.

This morning, I woke up without my alarm. I'm not sure if the alarm didn't go off, if I hit "off" instead of "snooze," or if I slept through it. However, when I woke up, I peered toward the alarm. I'm blind, just so you know, without my contacts. I saw 6:34 (which is actually 6:20...don't get me started on that) and thought, "Wow, my clock is wrong!" I stood up to head to the bathroom, and heard Kevin say, "6:30?! CRAP!"

OK, so I overslept by 90 minutes. I can still get to work on time, by H&H standards. I mean, I'm supposed to be at work by 8:30. The problem is that I usually get there around 7. 7:30 is the latest that I'm comfortable getting in. I have a TON to do, and it helps to get a lot of it done before the calls start.

So, I got stuck in traffic (being late puts me in the middle of Kansas City rush hour) but still got in by 8:05. Not bad, says I. I'll make sure to go to sleep earlier tonight (dang you, Farkle!) and double check my alarm. Spooks me to oversleep by THAT much.

Now, I'll enjoy the shepherds pie that I just made, watch some TV, and play on facebook. Farkle? Maybe one game. Just one. Or two. Lord, help me.

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Amy said...

I am giving you the evil eye right now because you get to sleep with open windows and quilts and I've had the air conditioner on all day and night.