Sunday, October 11, 2009


If you receive an email from your mother, asking if you'd like to come over for catfish, you look at your daughter and say, "It's gonna be a good day, tator." OK, it wasn't exactly like that, but I was pretty happy with the thought.

I picked the baby up early this morning, and Natalie and I took her to my Mom and Dad's around 10. (Monica spent the night with a friend.) We hung out for a while, visiting and playing around on the computers. Dad's getting hooked up pretty seriously, now that he is subscribed to some youtube channels.

Soon, Mom said it was time to eat. Here is my plate:
Good stuff, Maynard. I'd love to say I didn't go back for seconds, but I don't want to lie. ::hanging head in shame::

After eating, Kameron enjoyed time with Dad. She's so content to sit and visit. It didn't hurt that he had some pie with whipped topping when she first pulled up to his leg. She relaxed there for a long time.
Later, she went over to visit with Mom. Sadie did NOT want to share HER person with this intrusive baby. She tolerated it for a while, but didn't stick around for long.

I came home and put Kameron down for a nap so that I could concentrate while watching the Chiefs embarrass the game of football. Now, it's the NASCAR race and a countdown until I have to take Kami home. Time flies when she's around.

All in all, a glorious day.


Donna said...

Cliff and I were saying today that you really have it made as a grandma, because you can hand the baby over to Natalie when you need to do something, then get her back when you want to enjoy her. Maybe God's timing isn't so bad after all.

Rachel said...

Oh yeah, Natalie is definitely Kameron's person. She's a huge help to us when Kami visits. She'l feed her, change diapers, put her down for nap. She's gonna be a good mama some day in the DISTANT future.

Sonya said...

Wow yesterday when you all were posting comments about catfish...I was just how long would it take me to get there. I decided too long so I just stayed home and had roast. lol Kameron is so cute...and the dog not sharing 'her person'

Ya'll have a good week.