Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I like the way he talk, he likes the way I talk...

I love it when Slingblade shows up on a movie channel. SCORE! This is one of the best acted movies EVER. "I like me some of those french fried potaters."

I was merging onto I-70 today, accelerating and checking mirrors. At the same time, I was talking to Kevin (bluetooth headset, don't worry.) All of a sudden (Have you ever heard someone say "all of the sudden?" It's funny, because it's wrong.) Anywho, all of a sudden, I see this white spider crawling down my dash.

Yup, crawling down the dash, quite quickly. I wanted to smash (smoosh?) it, but wound up only brushing it toward the floorboard. Dang. The rest of the drive home, I imagined that I felt it crawling on my leg. I scratched and smacked my leg so many times, the leg fell off. That's right, I am missing my right leg. DON'T PITY ME!

Maybe not, but there's a happy little white spider in my car, planning my demise. Just so you know, I've enjoyed knowing each and every one of you.

Goodnight, and goodbye.


Donna said...

"Anywho" is wrong too. So there. I'm still not done cringing.

Rachel said...

"Anywho" is said, tongue in cheek, so I get a pass. That's all I have to say about that. UmmHmm.