Saturday, October 24, 2009

21 years ago today

21 years ago today, I had my first baby. He was so pretty. Yeah, I caught a lot of flak from his dad for saying that, but he was SO pretty. If you wanna see how pretty, check out any of the pictures of his daughter and imagine her without the earrings.

Brett was such a good baby. He didn't cry without a darn good reason. He was never one to laugh real hard, either. He would ride round and round on a carnival ride and look so serious. When it was over, he'd say "again?" so we knew he was having just couldn't tell by looking at him.

Bonnie was one of Brett's grandmas. Oh how she loved that baby. She used the word "little" in every sentence about him. "I got the little shoes for his little feet. Don't you just LOVE his little feet?" The sun rose and set on him in her life. I hate that the world lost her so early in his life, but she sure made the most of her time with him while she was here.

When he was a toddler, his other grandparents found his motor. My Dad would put him on a tractor and he'd grab the steering wheel and start blowing raspberries. Slobber would run down his chin, but he didn't care. The motor just kept running. He'd stop when Dad would take him out of the seat, and then he'd place him on a different tractor and the motor would start again.

He was always "Bubba." Heck, he still is. The grandmothers weren't happy with the nick name, but it stuck. I guess it IS a little weird to be calling a 2-month old "Bubba," but we did. His dad and I even made up songs about him, including the word bubba.

Well, he's all grown up now. He's 21, living on his own, and has a baby. He's still my baby, and he's still my Bubba. I love you, Bubba. Have a great birthday, and be safe!


Marlene said...

Rachel, you seem much to young to have a 21 year old. I always thought that the mother should get the presents on a birthday. Like maybe flowers. Enjoy his birthday!

Sonya said...


Deano30(Uk) said...

Best wishes from Yorkshire England.

I just made a 'google enquiry' "21 years ago today"? and up popped you blog entry.

Although it's now October 26th and a little late I hope you and your family had a great day.

My father's name was John Hancock so I always feel an affinity for my American cousins.

Best wishes and kind regards.


Deano30(Uk) said...

post script:
One of the wonderful things about being retired is that I don't always know what day of the the date or day of the week it is - plainly it's the 27th not the 26th.

I thought I ought to make that clear - confusion is some times catching...

double best wishes etc.