Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture day!

Here are some random shots from today.  I was in a picture taking mood, OK?

When going through Napoleon, there are these pigeons (doves?) that are always poking around in the road.  I have to almost stop to get around them.  OK, I don't *have* to, but I don't wanna kill them!
Not long after getting on the interstate, it started pouring rain.  Heaven forbid we keep moving, people!  There is WATER falling from the SKY!  Let's all hit the brakes.  Sheesh.

On my way home, I always pass this happy little tree.  Remember Bob Ross?  *sigh*  RIP Bob Ross.  This *is* a happy little tree.

On the way home, I caught 124421.  Not as exciting as the 123456 that I missed, but still fun, no?

Oh, big surprise.  The road is closed, due to flooding.  It's OK, I turn left right before this flood spot.

On the way home, I notice that the river is WAY higher than usual.

This is where the angry clouds play with the happy cloud.

Cool cloud shot.

See all of this coal?  It's heading to the power plant.  Turn off a light already!

This is Natalie's tree.  It's slower to leaf out, but it's alive and well.

And this is Monica's tree.  Very egotistical, and bragging about it's leaves.

There's my lawn mowing man!  Finally, more green than brown.

Yup, he's Hank Hill, on a budget.  Gotta air up the tires before each mow.

So, that's my day, in a nutshell.  This HOUSE is a nutshell.  Full of nuts and flakes.  Maybe that would make this house a cereal box.  Who knows?


Donna said...

Great shots!

Hollie said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Pamela said...

I always enjoy seeing your photos. What are the numbers? Loved the shots!

Rachel said...

That's my odometer, Pam.

Traci said...

Thanks for the tour! fun!

Amy said...

Do you tell people you have a lawn crew? ;-P

Bob Ross and his 'fro. Hotness.

Lisa said...

Hi Rachel... I love your front porch! You could sit out there for hours and enjoy that lovely yard and the man mowing the lawn! Hugs and have a great weekend and thanks for sharing pictures,
Lisa in Kentucky

Marlene said...

Those white Doves......I read that they are really, really stupid (just the white ones) Thats why they don't get out of the way.