Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too much drama

I wake up, and there is drama in the news.  Always with the drama.

I get the girls up and started on their day, and there's drama with them.  Always with the drama.

I get to work, and there's drama with my coworkers.  Always with the drama.

I take calls all day, many of which involve drama.  Always with the drama.

I come home to drama with the son's life.  Always with the drama.

Can I just have one day?  One little day without drama?  One 24 hour period with absolutely no drama?

Why do I watch reality TV again?  Oh yeah.  For the drama.



Donna said...

I guess I forgot to warn you to never have children. Or husbands. Or jobs.

Anonymous said...

Then what would you all blog about?


Hollie said...

Less drama would be nice...

Pamela said...

So lets hear some of it!