Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting ready for vacation

Picked up Kameron on the way home last night.  She's so funny.  We had fun with her, and there's a video of her new game that will be up as soon as I edit it down a bit.

This morning, we got up and around, then headed to mom's.  She was having my aunt Maxine over for tacos, and we were invited.  It was good to see Aunt Maxine again, and she got to meet Kami.  Lunch was incredible.  Thanks, mom.

We left there and headed to Independence for some thrift store shopping.  The girls have hardly any shorts, and we're headed to Texas for vacation in less than a week.  When we were done, I had three pairs of shorts, and the girls had 8, and Monica had a swim suit...all for under $60.  Oh, and we got a nice stroller, too.   Not bad, huh?

Since we had started preparations for our vacation, I was on a roll.  We stopped at Dollar General for snacks, sun screen, bug spray, first aid items, etc.  Almost everything we'll need for the trip.  I had NO idea how we were going to make it all fit.  Then, Dad offered to trade us cars so we could have more room on the trip.  Rock On!

Back at home, we started on the laundry (lots of "new" clothes to wash, you know.)  I'm getting excited about the trip and making plans and pre-packing, all while watching the NASCAR race.  Yes, I'm cool like that.  Three days of work, and then we're off.  I'm going to try to add the twitter box to this blog, or you can follow our adventures on facebook.  


Amy said...

I'm jonesing for some Goodwill shopping, myself. I don't need anything, but at those prices, I can justify the 'wants'...

Hollie said...

Congrats on your shopping. You did great to get all that for $60. I hope you enjoy your vacation.

Good ole Cliff! What would we do without him?