Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday errands and relaxing

Got up this morning and decided that Natalie and I would do the grocery shopping while Kevin and Monica had their eye appointments.  We did the WalMart thing (there was a sign on their bulletin board thanking the "Blue Springs Babtist Church."  Seriously, doesn't anyone run spell check before posting these signs?)

From there we went to Aldi and spent too much money.  There is a young guy that works at Aldi, and my girls think he is H.O.T.  I think he looks like a punk, but whatever.  Anyway, that guy wasn't working this morning, so Natalie was bummed.  Spent a lot of money, but got TONS of stuff.  We're having stew tomorrow, since it's going to be cold again.  *sigh*

Now, because it's what I do, I'm going to turn on the NASCAR race and fall asleep watching.  I always wake up in time to see the end.  LOL  Kevin's already asleep in the other room.  Naps are a must around here on Saturdays.


Anonymous said...

Middled aged woman's PUNK nearly always equals young girls H.O.T.


Amy said...

I want a nap, too. I canm't seem to get enough sleep lately. Stupid weather is jacking me up.

Sonya said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Used to watch NASCAR but now onto other hobbies I guess. I got into a Saturday nap too which turned into an overnighter. lol