Wednesday, April 8, 2009


OK, most of you know the drama, if you've read this for very long.  To catch you up, or for new readers to put it in a nutshell, here's where we are:

Kevin got hurt at work over a year ago.  Surgery was required.  He had surgery on his shoulder.  He went back to work, still hurting.

He has other issues with pain in his body, unrelated to said surgery.

Surgeon releases him.  Let the wheels of justice (quite slow and squeaky) start moving.  He is to wait for a settlement hearing.

He keeps working, every day.  Hurting.  Rolling out of bed onto his knees on the floor until he feels he can stand, and then showering and going to work.  After work, his feet and knees hurt so badly that he can barely limp from room to room.

He goes to a pain management clinic who offers cortisone shots.  Lots of pain, no relief.  He says that it doesn't work, pain management doc says it's all they have.  Done.  Nice.

General practice doc gives him pain meds to get through until the hearing.  

3:00 pm, the day before the hearing, work comp jerks say they're missing one form.  ONE. FORM.  No hearing.  It's rescheduled for "sometime" in the future.  Nice.

General practice doc is seen again, who offers pain management referral.  Kevin tells him "anywhere but the last place."  They decide on a new place, and Kevin makes an appointment.  He goes to said appointment, where pain management doc says, "but you have an unsettled work comp. case?"  Yes, yes we do.  "Oh, then, I can't treat you."

But, the shoulder isn't the only problem, can we deal with anything else?  Nope.  No dice.  Nada.  Ain't happenin'.  Nice.

Kevin calls attorney again, who says, "I'll call for mediation."  AGAIN?  I thought we already DID that!!!  Sheesh.  Now, we start over.

General practice doc cannot prescribe anything else (or refill) because he's not a pain management doc.  Pain management doc won't see him because of pending hearing.  Pending hearing may not happen soon, because nobody wants to settle.  His work punishes him daily, both physically and mentally.

How much more can he take?  How much more can WE take?

OK, I'm done sniveling and I have crops to harvest on Farm Town.

Peace out.


Hollie said...

Praying everything works out very soon for you & your family Rachel.

Hollie said...

Praying everything works out very soon for you & your family Rachel.

Hollie said...

Praying everything works out very soon for you & your family Rachel.

Pamela said...

Wow!! I'm so sorry. I had no idea Kevin had so much pain. Sounds like these guys need to pull their heads out of their ass. Ridiculus that these Doc's won't treat him! UGH!

Amy said...

WTF? That is such a load of crap! I'm indignant because I've been through all that. ::sigh::

Carlene Noggle said...

I am so sorry about this...Lord, why can't folks act right and do what they are suppose to do?? Have you thought of getting a second legal opinion??? SOunds like you are getting the run around in hopes that Kevin will drop the case and seems like your lawyer should have known about the new form they neeeded. I would seriously think about a new lawyer.
God bless,

Traci said...

I didn't realize what a mess Kevin is in. I can relate to daily pain. It is beyond miserable. I'm praying for a quick resolution.