Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday happenings in Casa de Fierro

We got up this morning and cleaned the house, after Natalie and I took Kami for a brief visit to Mom and Dad's.  After the house was semi-presentable, Nattie and I took off for the store, while Kevin stayed with Kami, waiting for his Mom, Grandma, and nephew Steven to arrive from Carthage.

Last week, while Nattie and I were shopping, we saw the Wiener-mobile and I tossed my phone to N, saying, "get a picture!"  She missed the chance, and there was no proof.  Today, during our adventure, we saw a giant chicken.  Well, a person in a chicken suit in front of KFC.  Anyway, I again handed her the phone and said, "get a picture!"  She hit the wrong button and missed it.

Weird things keep happening during our Blue Springs shopping trips, but nobody will ever see the proof.  Next week, we'll probably witness a UFO landing.  LOL

Brett had to work all day today.  I guess we should be thankful that he found another job.  Oh yeah, his great job cut almost everyone to part time.  Within a couple of days, he had found a new job...full time.  Phew!

Kameron has to go home in the morning for Easter festivities with her Mom's family.  I'm glad we had her for most of the weekend, anyway.  She is so fun.  She laughs and mimics and coos and she thinks her fists are God's greatest creation.  I got some video, so I may try to show you, but there is a baseball game going on in the background.  Kevin's grandma is here, so baseball is on the TV.  LOL

OK, I'm out.  Gotta fix up some Easter baskets.


Lisa said...

Rachel, wishing you and your family a great Easter, Hugs Lisa

Mel said...

I HATE when that happens!! Everytime something weird or awesome happens, not a single picture to prove it.

Donna said...

I keep wanting to get pictures for a "rural blight tour" when I'm out and about, but I keep forgetting until it's too late. No, that tour does not include my own property. ROFL!

Hollie said...

Happy Easter!

Sonya said...

Oh well, I miss all the good pictures too! Have a good work week.

Traci said...

Sounds like a good weekend! The baby girl is sooo cute!