Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So tired.

Sorry about the dramatic post.  Things are going to be changing to eliminate the drama.  I need a vacation.  LOL

Yesterday at work was a bit rough (understatement) so I was in a bad mood to begin with.  Then, the drama kept me up late.  So I was exhausted all day today.  Today was a bit better, though.  Now, I'm ready for sleep.  Yes, I *do* realize that it's barely past 7, but I'm going to bed soon.

I can if I want to.

Gonna make tomorrow even better. 

1 comment:

Donna said...

I read the comments on the previous entry. Kevin cracked me up. As if ANYBODY who knows him would think he was the liar.

I'm thinking it was one of your children.

How's Brett doing, by the way?

That's what kids do, you know: they lie.

Although I can honestly tell you I never lied to my parents until I was 20. That's why I'm such a lousy liar; I didn't get enough practice as a child.