Saturday, April 18, 2009

A few notes from today

Monica had a fundraising pancake breakfast to work, so Kevin attended and she worked.

I had a parenting fair (rescheduled from a snowed out date) to attend, so Natalie and I went there.  Great info (bullying, internet safety, drug awareness, etc) and I won a door prize of a Mary Kay kit.  Vanilla, my favorite scent!  Natalie had fun, too, and the kids did a hip-hop routine at the end.

Got home, collected Kevin and Monica, dropped Natalie off at Mom's, and went to the store.  She wasn't interested in going this week.  We hit WalMart, where I bought 2 more reusable shopping bags.  When paying, the dork lady put them into a plastic bag.  *sigh* 

After WalMart and Aldi, we stopped at QT for a soda.  I bought a scratcher ticket and won $10!

Got home and Monica had an invitation to go to the drive in with a friend.  We had no cash.  I had to turn in my $10 winning ticket for her.  *sigh*  Her social life is SO much larger than mine.  LOL

Natalie hasn't wanted to come home yet, but I'm getting ready to go get her soon anyway.  I don't want to leave in the middle of the race, which starts at 7 from Phoenix International Speedway.  It looks so HOT there.  

The rain stopped around noon, and it turned into a pretty afternoon.  I finally found a way to upload mobile images to facebook, which has been a struggle, since facebook isn't T-Mobile friendly.  Our unlimited messaging plan allows email though, so I can email the photos and they show up.  Sweet!

Nothing exciting, so I'll sign off.  Just a bunch of weekend stuff.  I love the weekend.  Beer and NASCAR coming up shortly.  It *is* Saturday, after all.  

"GO COUSIN CARL!  SHOW PHOENIX WHO'S BOSS!"  OK, I know that Remo is the boss of the desert, but Carl can be the boss of PIR, right?  Just for one night?  That OK Remo?  Sir?


Donna said...

Biker church starts at 11. I think we'll go, bike or no bike.

Traci said...

Sorry about Carl!

Kelly Dawn said...

ok so i am SEMI caught up with you....been a really long month....trying hard to get caught up :)