Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whatever happened to that one guy?

When I was journaling over at J-land, there was this journal that I used to read.  It was some dude who lived in the KC area and wrote stories.  Or drew portraits.  Or maybe it was cartoons.  I don't remember anymore.

Anywho, he seemed like a nice enough guy, but then he disappeared.  Sure, he would surface from time to time, make an entry in his blogger journal to tease me, and then disappear again.  Who cares?

I know that I don't.  Heck, he's nothing to me.  Dang pears.  Dang olives.  Dang doodle pads from work meetings.

Who needs it?


I got sick of not hearing from him and from having many folks ask me if I'd heard (I hadn't) so I emailed him.  I know, don't panic, this logic doesn't come upon me often, and I promise it's all gone now.  No more logic around here.  Phew.

He answered me today, and he's alive and kicking.

Well, I don't know about kicking, but I'm sure he's tossing back 12 oz of a wonderful amber liquid consisting of hops and barley.  He hates the format here at blogger, and his trusty rusty computer bit the big one.

He has a new computer, and he's just peachy...or pear-y.  Whatever.

Love ya, Russ!


Astaryth said...

I know.. I miss him too! However, I did know he was kicking around because I would see the occasional Twitter ;p

Donna said...

I tweeted him on Twitter this morning and he answered back.

A pox on him for not giving us pears and peaches. Or whatever.

I like fruit, any kind.

Lisa said...

I miss Russ, glad he is doing ok, I am following him now on Twitter, Hugs Lisa

Pamela said...

I miss Russ!!