Friday, April 17, 2009


I left work at 5:00 on the nose.  Yeah, it's Friday and I wasn't going to get caught late.  I got to the car and starting putting my stuff in.  The computer case goes behind the driver's seat, in the rear floor board.  The lunch box sits in the back seat.  The purse and jacket get tossed into the passenger seat up front.  

I got in, and put my cup over there.  At work, we have to use a mug that is wide at the bottom, narrow at the top, to prevent spills.  I leave it at work all week, but take it home on Friday to wash it up for the next week.  It had some diet Coke in it, so I sat it over there on the jacket, beside the purse, and left.

I stopped to get gas at QT, and got on the interstate to some heavy traffic.  I had to stop at the bank to make a deposit for work.  While waiting in line at the bank, I looked over at the passenger seat.  Ooops.  The cup was on its side.  Diet Coke, filling my seat.  ACK!

Now, with the old car, I would have laughed and let it go.  This is my beautiful red BABY, though.  I was sick about it.  I threw the jacket into the floor (since it was half soaked) and dumped the rest of the cup's contents onto the ground in the bank drive-thru.  I went straight to Dad's to shop-vac the car.

It needed detailed this weekend anyway, but I didn't want to do it tonight!  I pulled into dad's shop and vacuumed the floors out real good and then worked on the passenger seat.  Gosh, I hope it's dry by tomorrow.  I'm glad it was diet, but I still may need upholstery cleaner tomorrow.  We'll see.

I'm such a clutz.

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Pamela said...

Hope you don't have a stain! Have a good weekend.