Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday stuff

I was supposed to go to Nashville next weekend.  Now I'm not.  It would have been fun, but I'll be home with the family.  It's golden.

I work tomorrow, but it may be a slow day.  A lot of photogs may be closed due to Good Friday.  I can catch up.

I have a vacation day on Monday.  Sweet!

The TX trip is shaping up.  We are making it happen with some frugal planning, and generosity from family members and friends (Thanks Mom and Dad, and David and Susie!)  It'll be tight, but we can make it happen if we're careful.

It is thundering outside, but nothing wicked yet.  Just rain and thunder.  So far, the internet and dish are both working.  What else matters?  Plus, it's time for bed soon. 

Friday is upon us.  Let's all enjoy the heck out of it, OK?


Sonya said...

No Nashville huh? Enjoy your MOnday vacation day. Glad you get to go to TX. Oh all that weather is here now. Had lots of rain and thunder and lightning but the worst weather was to our north and to our south. It woke me up. I'm thinking about going back to bed, except I just fixed coffee. Probably won't. lol
Have a good weekend. Oh and thanks for the washer and dryer. I put it in my garage (which is really a library/office and now laundry room also). he he.

Pamela said...

Have a great long weekend! Stay dry!

Traci said...

I'm glad you get to be home, but if there had been time it would have been good to see you!