Sunday, February 28, 2010

North Carolina Day 2

What a day, and it's not over yet! This morning, we went down and finished setting product out in the booth. That didn't take long, so we headed to breakfast, and then to our rooms to get ready for the trade show.

Today's hours were to be 11-3:30. Pretty long hours for a state show, but we stayed pretty busy the whole time. At about 2:45, they made an announcement: "The trade show will be extended until 4." What? They never do that! The extra 30 minutes, we had nobody, but I guess they just wanted to try it. Oh well.

Back in our rooms, I watched a bit of the NASCAR race. JJ again? Seriously? *sigh* Oh well. They had a dinner for vendors at 6, so we did that. It was OK, I guess. There were a gazillion people in there by the time we left, so I'm glad we went a few minutes early. Now, we're back in our rooms for a short break, and more trade show hours from 7-9:30. That'll go pretty fast.

I've been cold for the past several hours, so I made a cup of coffee in the room just now. I never drink coffee in the evening, but it's tasting pretty good, and I'm no longer cold! No good pictures today, other than the booth. I'll see if I can get any this evening. Tomorrow will be pretty full again, and then we tear down and prepare for an early flight out on Tuesday.

I'll be more than ready to be home!

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Sonya said...

I'm sure you will sleep well tonight. I'm tired of cold. I know how you feel. Tomorrow is March 1 and that helps!