Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kohl's, and Just My Luck

I needed to stop at Kohl's tonight. My shoes are getting pretty sad, and I usually have good luck finding decent shoes at Kohl's. Also, my luggage is falling apart, and I have travel coming up, so I thought I'd check that.

I found both, quite reasonable, within 15 minutes. Score! That's good for someone who HATES to shop. Me being born a female was a joke in many ways. I hate to shop, I prefer wearing Tshirts and jeans, and I'm not all touchy-feely. I'm always happy when I can get out of a store in under 20 minutes.

Feeling quite proud of myself, I headed to the checkout closest to the door I entered. Only 2 people in front of me meant that I'd be out in no time, right? WRONG! Dude in front of me had a coupon from another location, but wanted to use it. Lady had to call management to find out if it's OK.

After that was approved, he tried to pay with a Kohl's card. Lady said, "You're not Tracy." He told her that Tracy was his wife, and he is on the card. She had to call in and check it out. It turns out that he's NOT on the card, so he can't use it. She had to call for a void.

Meanwhile, he asks if he can have the 15% discount anyway, since he DOES have a Kohl's card with him. She calls the manager again. *sigh* Another line opened up and the folks behind me jumped over there. Manager said that she can NOT honor the discount if the card isn't used, and he says that he doesn't want the stuff, then.

This was getting ridiculous. She agreed to honor the coupon (from another store) and give him a 15% discount. Seriously? Can I break the rules and whine and get MY way? How about my stuff for FREE??? Anyway, they start voiding it all to start over and I jump to the other line.

I had 2 items. That's all. However, the luggage was a 7 -piece set. (great deal, too.) She needed to open each piece to make sure I wasn't stealing something. Problem was, this new lady didn't know how to work a zipper very well.

2 pieces into a 7-piece set and she gave up. She actually said, "You're not stealing anything in there, are you?" I replied that I wasn't, and just wanted to leave. She rang me up and I left. I could've had the Hope diamond in that inner bag, she would have never known. Damn my honest upbringing!

Now, I'm home, and ready to start pre-packing. Also, at 7, there is a Survivor special, covering the past 10 seasons. I'm stoked. Next week, season 11 starts! WooHoo! I just hope I don't have to go to Kohl's soon. I'm sick of that place.

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Amy said...

I'd be glad to be your personal shopper. Ryan makes me shop for her all the time.

I'll take my payment in coffee ice cream.