Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Saturday

The girls and I, Kami included, ate at Olive Garden today, and it was wonderful as usual. When we came out, the snow had already started, so I told them we'd just go to Big Lots and then home. We bought some useless crap there and headed to the car.

It wasn't snowing any more, so we stopped at WalMart. We only got a few things there, hit happy hour at Sonic, and headed home. That's when the sleet started. When I got home, I left the girls with Kevin (welcome home, here are three children for you) and went back to Mom's to solve all of her electronic dilemmas as the sleet turned to big fluffy snow flakes.

The weather guessers are all saying something different, so who knows what or how much we'll get. I'm not going to worry about it. I've got NASCAR to occupy me. Let the snownami begin.

I'm SO ready for spring.


Lisa said...

Rachel, glad you had a good day, yeah I am ready for Spring here myself !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

Toon said...

No! No snownami! And no more friggin' winter!! I'm starting to understand how snipers feel. "He was a loner who kept to himself".