Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Stuff

Wow, I sure haven't been blogging much. You're welcome.

With all financial things caught up and smoothed out, we knew we'd have to sit on any money left from Kevin's settlement, until he found a job. Oh, we spent it in our heads 1000 times. New carpet, fence the yard, new appliances, trip to Mars, etc. Still, we were cautious not to go crazy.

Now, Kevin has a job that he starts tomorrow, so we loosened up and spent some money this weekend. Not much that I would call frivolous, but nothing that we couldn't have lived without, either.

The girls were sleeping on twin beds that were second-hand before we ever got them. They were the worst beds ever. Now, they have full size, very comfortable beds. They both woke up and informed us yesterday that they didn't hurt first thing. Wow, sorry it took so long, girls.

Our living room furniture was comprised of mix-n-match items given to us by others. You needed help to get up, they were so broken down. We now have matching furniture that I'm not embarrassed to have company sit on.

Not bad, huh? Nothing silly, right? Well, then Kevin and I wanted to escape the house last night, and we found ourselves at Walmart. Uh oh.

Yes, we replaced our swivel console, 21-year old television. Kevin had been drooling on TVs for 3 years, and we finally have something that doesn't look like it's out of the 50's. I'll let you know, after the Daytona race today, how we did.

Yeah, we blew some money, but it was on stuff that needed replaced. Christmas came to the house, it just came a bit late. I'm OK with that. Wanna come over and watch the race?


Lindie said...

Glad you did it. I am coming into a little bit of money in about 10 days and might set aside a wee bit of it for a new laptop, digital camera and tv but the rest will pay the bills and doing catchup.

small farm girl said...

Wow! That's great! I'm glad you guys got what you needed. Sometimes, after pinching pennies for forever, it's nice to actually go out and get some nice things. Enjoy.

Toon said...

Some people just automatically feel guilty if they spend money. But that's better than people who spend money to feel better. I'm a mixture of both...which is not good either. What I'm trying to say is "Enjoy the new stuff and stop thinking so much."