Monday, February 15, 2010

New Jobs, Sick Kids, and Contacts

Kevin started work today. He likes it, but he feels VERY uneasy with how little he's supervised. His whole life, he has been handed a "list" or agenda, and known that he could follow it and feel that he had a good day's work. At this job, he's on his own. He'll talk to Tracy in the morning and find out what sort of guidance he can expect, if any.

I am getting more and more excited, planning our TX trip. I cannot wait, and I talked to Susie (our TX hosts) for more than 30 minutes tonight. Women plan. It's what we do. I'm planning the HELL out of this trip. Come on, May 20!

Natalie is sick. Her fever got to 103 today, and hasn't dropped under 100 all day. Yup, she'll be missing school tomorrow. I'll let her sleep in, and then she can call grandpa to come get her (after 10) if she feels she needs it. Otherwise, she'll just sleep all day like she did today. Poor thing.

We had spaghetti with chicken breast tonight. It was awesome! Low fat and still yummy. Kevin cooked it, for the most part, and I finished it. I was late getting home. Wanna know why?

I had an eye doctor appointment. Yeah, we go to America's Best, because they do a fine job and they're cheap. I thought I was due for an exam in December, so I stretched out the contacts a bit longer and was finally on my last pair. I booked my appointment on line and knew that tonight would be a long one.

I really didn't want to spend too much, since I get my flex spending money in April. (It's like a cafeteria plan, sort of.) I got in and readied myself to ask how little I could spend to hold me over until April. Before I could ask, she said, "You know you're not due until March 12, right?" SCORE!

I bought a box of contacts for each eye, which will last until my Flex money is available. Then, the three blind ones (and Natalie) will go for our annual exams, and I'll get a year's worth of contacts without putting out the cash. I win.

Did I mention that I win? Yeah, and I look better. What? Oh yeah, I mean I "see" better.

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Donna said...

I've got a terrible sore throat today and feel like crap. This will be my first cold in two years.