Friday, February 5, 2010

On The Road Again

Due to the snow, I decided to get a room near the airport tonight. For my 7:30am flight, I would have had to get up at 3, leave at 4 to arrive by 5:30. Blech. Then, the snow started, and I began to worry. Finally, it was decided that I'd stay near the airport tongiht, and I wished that I had packed and taken my bags with me. Oh well.

I went home after work and packed, while talking to Kevin. I am near the airport now, so I can get enough sleep. Here is the bush outside the hotel room door:

And this is the ugly carpet in the hallway:

This is the entertainment mecca:

And here is the bed:

And finally, because there is NOTHING exciting going on here tonight, here is my room number:

See? Nothing important...just the beginnings of an adventure. More tomorrow...


Donna said...

Wish you could be here for the big game Sunday. Enjoy yourself. We ordered Cliff a new laptop today; Arick will get the old one to use on his job.

Sonya said...

Have a great weekend traveling. Wise decision I'm sure to stay near airport.