Friday, January 1, 2010


So, it's a brand new year. I always think about losing weight, but even more so on New Year's. I have no self control, but I wonder if I could do it. While thinking about it this morning, my cell phone rang. Mom was on the other end with, "I'm making Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti if you guys want to come over." I'M THERE!

Why does it have to start on the first, right? Yeah, I'm weak like that.

Anyway, we headed over there, ate a FABULOUS dinner (including hot rolls and pumpkin bread) and played the Wii with my niece, Amber. It was such a great time. Kameron showed off, flirted, ate, and showed off some more. I think she's convinced that my Mom belongs in the kitchen, and is named "banana" since she ate 3/4 of a banana in my Mom's care. Each time Mom picked her up after that, she'd point at the kitchen and chant "Nana, nana!"

She is such a good baby. Even when she's frustrated because I want her to eat dinner before desert, she doesn't cry. She just complains. You can even make her laugh while she's mid-gripe. Then, she crinkles up her nose and looks at someone else as if to say, "Hey, she's not paying attention, will you tell her I'm unhappy?"

Wii bowling was fun, but I stink. My score was on par with what I get when bowling in real life. Barely broke 100. Dad picked it up after NEVER playing Wii before, and bowled 177. *sigh* He even throws with some spin on the ball.

Brett came over to spend the night and hang out. Meanwhile, Kameron's Mom called and told us that her sister was in town...a sister that has only met Kami once, and could they come get her to hang out for a few hours. Of course! She's so sweet to ask. Anyway, baby girl is gone for a few hours, and we're chillin' out being lazy.

Here are my resolutions for tomorrow (not for the new year, just for tomorrow.)

  • I will add water to the aquarium so the fish don't have to walk.
  • I will clean up the back porch.
  • I will vacuum my bedroom.
  • I will enjoy Kami some more.

Baby steps, people. BABY STEPS!


Traci said...

I like the baby steps idea. One day at a time!

Lindie said...

I played Wii bowling with my granddaughter last year (and have since) for the first time. She is 7 and beat my soundly! She thought she would give me a better chance so she went into the kitchen where she couldn't see the tv and played there. She beat me even worse!