Friday, January 15, 2010

Changing Plans/Cancelled Plans

We wanted to go to Carthage this weekend, and take Kami with us. She's never been there, and there are many friends/relatives that have never met her. Kevin was supposed to ask Mom and Dad if we could trade cars for the weekend so we could all fit. No problem.

Kevin went out there, dropped off a coffee can for Dad and a light for him to hold until Jim comes up...they weren't home, so he didn't ask for the car. Meanwhile, Kami's mom sends me a message that Kami is sick. She's not REAL sick, but she's off-and-on sick. I don't want to take her down there when she's not 100%. She's so fun and funny, I hate to have her away from home when she's feeling bad.

I've had her when she's sick before: She wants her Momma when she's sick. I said that we should call it off and try again another weekend. No need to ask Dad to trade cars. Maybe we'll pick her up Saturday night and keep her until Sunday night, but we're not taking her out of town. No problem, change of plans. Plan B is now in place.


We've all been fighting off colds a bit, but nothing serious. Mine's gone, Monica's is almost gone, and Kevin's is staying the same. Until today. He started feeling worse, and then hot/cold, and then achy. Uh Oh. He now has a temp of over 101.

I'm glad Kami's cold made us postpone our trip. He does NOT need to be infecting our friends and family. He's going to get rest and get over it. We won't go get Kami unless he's FAR better by tomorrow evening. I guess that means I have a weekend at home. I can live with that.

Brett will come over late morning tomorrow, to change his oil. He isn't working, so we bought the oil change stuff for him and will help him do it tomorrow. Thank God that used to be my car, since I'll be doing the work, if Kevin's still sick. I've changed that oil before. LOL It probably still has the same oil it had in it when I sold it to him 10 months ago. (Lord, I hope not.)

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to Grandview to see a customer/friend's new studio. I'm excited. I'm so happy that she has a new place, and can't wait to see the progress.

OK, back to TV. What a boring blog entry. I'll do better tomorrow.


Donna said...

Sadie and I were here when Kevin came the other day. She was very disappointed that Hawkeye didn't jump out of the truck and come to see her. Cliff had gone to check out a motorcycle for Don.

Sonya said...

Oh no...Hope Kevin is feeling better today. Hope it is not the flu.