Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finally, Kameron's Christmas!

Since the weather poo'd on our Christmas plans last week, we didn't get to see Kameron. That means, we missed her birthday AND Christmas. We hadn't seen her in 2 weeks. Today, we picked her up and we get to spend the whole weekend with her! WooHoo!

We got her some clothes and jammies for here, and two bigger things: One for her birthday and one for Christmas. One is a toy that she can walk behind to help her learn to walk, or you can convert it into a ride-on toy. She likes it both ways. She's walking ALL over the house behind that thing.

The other is a toy that shoots balls out the top, and they then go down a chute and around a ramp until they shoot up again. She figured out how to turn it on (it goes for about 30 seconds each time) within the first two rounds. She's having fun with it, too.

Now, she's had her bath, is lounging in warm jammies, and is just hanging out with us. She's talking more and more, and sometimes she surprises us by talking, rather than jabbering. Natalie reached her arms out toward her and said, "Wanna come here?" Kameron reached up to her and said, "OK!" We laughed so hard. Her vocabulary has probably doubled in the last couple of weeks, although there is plenty of jabbering still going on.

OK, back to the festivities!


Sugar said...

awww she's a cutie. ;)

Lisa said...

Awwwww glad Cameron came by for a long visit, Happy 2010 !!!!!! Hugs Lisa