Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blue Springs Wal Mart

I won't rant too much about this hell-hole, since my mother did it so well that her blog still shows up on the first page if you google it. WalMart is a necessary evil and this one is the worst. Still, it has stuff that the smaller, closer one doesn't have. Richmond is the best, but it's not on the way to anything for us, so we seldom go there.

Anyway, after we lost the last of some fish in one of the aquariums a couple of months ago, we did a complete clean-out of the tank and refilled it. You need to let a "new" setup sit for a while before adding fish, so we've been regulating the temperature and letting it sit. Kevin's mentioned it a couple of times recently, and decided that today was the day to get some fish for it.

I avoid WalMart fish due to some bad past experiences, but their tanks look healthier than they used to. He decided up on 2 Blue Gourami and 5 striped zebra danios. The danios are so small that they are easier to see with multiples, since they school so well. He told the guy he wanted 5.

Dude got 4 in the bag (finally) and was struggling to catch another. Finally, he put the net down and announced, "I can't get another." Kevin said, "But there's like 15 of them in there." Useless Jerk said, "I just can't." That was the end of it. He had no intention of trying any more.

Customer service, Wal Mart style. Jerks.

Now, I have 4 zebra danios, swimming around the tank, asking "Where's Frank? Have you seen Frank? Dude, Where Is HE???"

It's sad, really.


Donna said...

Fish are for eating. Get over it.

Rachel said...

We had fish for dinner! LOL The little guys that were looking for their buddy also said, "What's that smell? FRANK?" And then we finished Frank with a little rice.

Remo said...

Walmart employees are the walking-dead. Everytime I look at one it seems like the highlight of their day was opening their eyes.

Go Fish! lol