Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Official End to the 2009 Holiday Season - And a Snow Turtle!

Well, friends, it's over. No more short work weeks. No more abundant snacks. No more lazy, long weekends. It's back to normal.

Thank goodness.

Seriously! I love time off, just like anyone else, but there is something to be said for routine. It's not good for me to be lazy for more than two days at a time. It tends to put me into a rut. How much Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters can one person watch? I've seen every episode now, so I'm all caught up.

We had Kami for 3 days, and it was great. I'm ready to go back to uninterrupted sleep, but it was SO worth it. Last night, Monica and Kevin informed me that they wanted to go to church at New Life in Oak Grove. Due to the late warning, I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. I'm in details, Kevin is transportation only.

Scrambling to find decent clothes, while preparing to take a baby to church for the first time in 11 years (I guess, since Natalie is 12 now,) was a bit unnerving. We managed it, and even with a messy backup on the exit ramp, we got there. The service was great (as always,) and the girls enjoyed themselves. Kami was a little angel.

Natalie informed me, after church, that she had gotten a call during church. Her phone was on silent, and she ignored it, but after church she checked. I thought, "Oh boy, I hope it's not Lacie (Kami's mom,)" and checked my phone. 4 missed calls and voicemail. Ooops.

She had called to check on Kami, and none of us answered our phones. We ALWAYS answer our phones. Also, I hadn't updated facebook. I ALWAYS update facebook. She got worried and headed out here. Poor thing. In a snow storm and driving 30 miles round trip because she was worried about her baby.

I know the feeling. I remember worrying every second that my babies were gone. I felt like a total heel for the situation. She was very sweet about it, though, and her precious cargo has been returned to her. Next time, we'll communicate better.

Well, my shows are new tonight! WooHoo! Work tomorrow. I think it's done snowing, for a couple of days anyway. It is truly beautiful, but so bitter cold. A guy in Oak Grove made a huge turtle in the snow. Wanna see? Click Here. It's so cool! See Ya!

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