Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stuck in Second Gear

Yeah, Snowapalooza is here. It's snowing, and it's pretty, and it's cold. Cold as a well diggers butt. Miserable cold. The snow started around 2 this afternoon. Beautiful, fluffy, gently-falling snow. Gorgeous.

I was told, at 4:40, to start home, since I have the farthest drive in customer service. I headed out and brushed the snow off the car. It was easy, since it's very cold, and it's a dry snow. After heading out, the fun began.

I saw the following: A truck, pointing the wrong way, against the guard cable. An SUV, on it's top, on the side of county road FF. A car weaving onto the left shoulder to see JUST WHAT WAS HOLDING UP TRAFFIC and nearly getting smashed by the fire truck heading to an accident. A snowplow in front of me with the flashing warning lights, causing me to have 12-14 seizures before I passed him. And I seldom got out of second gear.

I'm home. I now return you to your regularly scheduled snow storm.

1 comment:

Donna said...

I was worried about you. Now I can focus my worrying on Cliff, who gets off at 3 A.M. Of course, I'll likely sleep through most of that worrying.