Monday, December 28, 2009

Raising the Flags

Since I've moved to the front counter, I've assumed responsibility for the flags. We have an American flag and an H&H flag. We put them up as long as there is no precipitation. We don't leave them up all night, since we don't have a light on them, and one was stolen once.

I take the flag responsibility quite seriously. When no ONE person was responsible for the front counter (we spent over a year with rotating schedules for coverage) the flags didn't make it up as often as they should have. They were forgotten, or left up in the rain (only once) or something, but most people thought it a hassle to deal with them.

Not I. I love the fact that I can show the respect that my company has for the US flag. I've subscribed to an email service that tells when it should be half-mast. I check the forecast daily before raising them, and I make sure they are raised before the doors are opened each day, weather permitting. I love it, and I've had comments from coworkers, appreciating seeing them when they drive in.

I am reliable enough that, if I warn Dan (the boss) that I may be late, he says, "I'll know if you're here by looking for the flags." Yeah, I know. I just love making sure they're up, no matter the temperature.

This morning, I had heard that the sun would shine today, despite the temps. WooHoo! I headed out at 8:00 this morning with the flags in hand. This is when I had the thought, "You can't get there from here." The drift around the flag pole was higher than my knees, and I only had the one pair of shoes!

I told the maintenance supervisor, Scott, that I had a low-priority request. (Low priority because they were working on a paper processor, which would stop production.) I asked if he could make a path, even if it was only the width of the shovel.

I felt bad about him having to walk out there and do this, after that's ALL they'd done all morning to prepare the parking lots and walkways for employees, but I appreciated it, too. Before long, I had my path. He's so good to me.

I used that path to raise those flags, and it made me happy and proud. They flew all day. SO worth it.

Well, it was worth it to me. I hope it was worth it to Scott.



Donna said...

That makes me really proud! These days, nobody takes the flag down for the night except for my sainted sister, and I'm sure she does it because of how her husband suffered and fought for what the flag stands for.
Thanks for doing it right!

Lisa said...

Rachel, I had no idea I was'nt following your new blog, now I am, Happy New Year's to you !!!!! Hugs Lisa

Sugar said...

proud of your vigilence to get the flag up, & do it right!
i didn't even know you had a blog. i see you on fb, & have followed your moms blog forever, as she is a follower of mine. i've decided to follow yours too, hope you visit my main one.
have a great week.

Sonya said... are wonderful to do this...and they are proudly flying as happy as flags can be! lol And I love the snow!!!!!