Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Attention: Kevin Conway!

Busy season is over. I have 4 long days off. I'll see family, eat too much, and relax. Life is good, my friends.

There is this guy. His name is Kevin. He worked at H&H for 147 years. He stops by from time to time to see this person or that person. Now that I'm at the front counter, I see him when he comes in. He's an awesome Teddy Bear of a guy, and I like it when he stops by.

He came by today, and we made some small talk while he waited for the person that he came to see. He said that he loves my mom's blog, and he reads it all the time. Then, he mentioned that he also reads my blog, but my mom's is better.

Yes, Kevin. That's for you.

It's weird how he found Mom's blog. He saw her comment on Pioneer Woman's blog, way back when, and checked her out. While on mom's blog, he saw a picture of me and made the connection! Weird.

At 4 today, I took my computer and a bunch of other stuff out to my car which was parked on the street, so I wouldn't have to carry everything out at 5. I heard a car running (Kim, from work) and knew she was soon to leave. I put everything in my car and locked it up, as I heard her car pull away and pass behind me.

Knowing I was safe, I shut the door, turned around and started across the street...right in front of Kevin's car. He could have run over me, but instead, he rolled his window down and told me that with 4 days off, he'd better see 4 blog posts.

OK, Kevin. Here's the first one!


Donna said...

Hmmm, maybe he'd appreciate PW's cookbook more than you would. If so, I give you permission to regift the cookbook.
I think I like this guy.

Rachel said...


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Pamela said...

Small world, huh? Funny how he found you guys!
Enjoy your days off. I've got 4 days off, too! How'd that happen??