Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Last Day of Fall

Yes, Winter begins tomorrow. I'm cold from October until March, so it makes no never-mind to me, but the days will start getting L-O-N-G-E-R! I'm all for sunshine.

Natalie spent the night with a friend on Friday night, while Monica slept over at grandma's. Natalie called Saturday morning to ask if she could stay another night. Both girls know the rules: If you want to stay a second night, you come home for a few hours, shower and get more clothes, and then you can go back.

Natalie came home to fulfill this obligation and Monica got an invite via a phone call. What? 2 nights with no kids? Weird. Natalie's hosts were taking her with them to a Christmas party, and she had a ball. She ate a ton of junk food.

7ish this morning, Kevin got a text from Natalie, asking him to come get her. She didn't feel well. Apparently, she texted me, too. I was too deep in slumberland to answer. (sorry, Nat.) Anyway, Kevin got her, brought her home, put her on the couch with a quilt, and placed a trash can near her.

It wasn't much later that she went into the bathroom and threw up. Oh boy. Here we go. She slept most of the day. Kevin and I went grocery shopping and I made sure to throw some 7-up into the cart. All she's held down all day is 7-up and a few crackers. She tried to eat a hot pocket, but that didn't last long. *sigh*

Monica's hosts invited her to stay another night (since there is no school, and her hosts are moving in 3 days,) but you know the drill. She must come home to get supplies and shower. She did, and Kevin took her back over there around 5.

Survivor was good. The season is over, and I lost a bit of respect for Russell, the way he was pouting. Whatever. He's a millionaire anyway. We listened to much of the Chiefs game on the radio, and it was as annoying as a puking kid, a whining reality-show guy, or a mountain of laundry that I can't overcome.

This week has been a long time coming. I'm looking forward to some slow-down, and looking forward to my grandbaby turning 1, my in-laws coming for Christmas, and having a 4-day weekend. I'm looking forward to sleep.

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Sonya said...

Hope all is going well this Christmas week!!! Love the blog look. That is awesome.