Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping, Fierro style

I am sitting in the recliner, in a warm home, while the cold wind blows outside. I'm happy. Kameron is asleep in my room, Kevin is snoring peacefully, and Natalie is on the computer and singing. Peaceful stuff. After the crazy week I had, it was nice to have some "me" time.

Today, we picked Kami up around 10 and headed to the Independence Center. Don't get me wrong, I STILL hate to shop, and we didn't plan to shop. We went to enjoy watching Kameron look at the lights and sights. The typical rude people were out and about, but it was OK. We took our time and strolled around.

We shared a pretzel from Auntie Anne's, walked through the pet store, rode the elevator, and blew some money on the kids. Unfortunately, Monica was at a friend's house, but this particular friend is moving from the area soon, and they want to spend time together. I'm OK with that.

Brett came over tonight to see Kami, and was here to feed her dinner AND change a messy diaper. SCORE! He's out of food, so we loaded him up with some bachelor goodies before he left. Ramen noodles RULE! LOL

We wanted to get a picture of Kameron with Santa, but it was a scam, I tell you! You were not allowed to take your own pictures unless you bought something from them. The line was long, and as we waited, Kevin asked about prices. $20 was the minimum! To pay that and find out that she cried or something would have been disappointing, so we didn't do it.

Stopping at WalMart for groceries, Kameron promptly fell asleep, sitting in the cart, with her head on her hoodie on the handle. Good thing we had the hoodie! Even when she's tired, she's so good. It's fun to have her around.

OK, now for some pictures from the mall:

Natalie found a hurricane simulator. You don't understand the concept? Let me help. You stand in a booth and let the wind blow on you...for $2 of your Dad's money. The end.

Later, she had the chance to spend more of her Daddy's money on the bungee bounce thing. It turns out that it's fun, but it hurt her thighs quite a bit, so she was ready for it to be over.

We took Kameron on the carrousel, too. I stood by her while Natalie rode the tea cups. I'm surprised that Nattie didn't puke, as fast as she was spinning. Kami had a ball, though, and each time we passed her grandpa, she laughed and laughed.

It was so hard to get a picture with it moving, but Kevin nabbed a few as it slowed to a stop. You can see Natalie in the background of these.

OH, and while she bungee bounced, a guy approached and asked if I'd take a shot or two of his (tiny) son, and email to him. Apparently, they didn't realize they would have a photo op, and didn't have a camera with them. I agreed, but the pics sucked. I'm sending them, anyway, with a note apologizing for the bad exposures.

They were a nice family, and that boy was cute as a bug, and half as big. It was a Christmas miracle! OK, not really, but it was fun to bump into someone nice.

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