Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Well, we did it. The girls and I left home around 7:15, stopped at Mom's for the $$$ she was giving the girls for Christmas, and headed to the mayhem. Gordman's was our first stop, and the girls got some clothes. From there, we headed to work. Yeah, that's right.

I called to confirm my suspicions that there were only about 10 folks working. 3 of them were working for customer service, so that I wouldn't have to. The girls and I stopped at QT to pick up winter treats for everyone. 4 mochas, 4 french vanilla cappuccinos, and 2 fat free vanilla cappuccinos. Yup, we walked into the lab with 10 hot drinks.

It was so fun to pass them around and wish our friends a Merry Christmas. It alleviated the guilt that I had for playing while they worked. LOL The best part, though, was seeing my friends and coworkers smile that big. I work with some cool people.

After that was WalMart, which was chaotic, and we stood in line for 45 days. From there, we went to lunch at Red Lobster, and I married a cheddar bay biscuit. Sorry Kevin, but I LOVE those things.

After that was Target in Blue Springs. We hadn't been there yet (they opened recently,) so we gave it a shot. Shopping wasn't bad, but the lines were long. I was there for 34 days. After we got in the car, I realized that I didn't know how to get out of the parking lot. I drove in circles for a few minutes, and Natalie suggested calling Fox 4 Problem Solvers. Fortunately, we didn't need to.

After we collected some Sonic "happy hour" sodas, we came home. Kevin promptly left to get groceries. Yes, another store trip. He took my car "just in case" and it was a good thing. By the time he headed home from Richmond, it was freezing rain instead of rain. He got groceries, a few necessities, and gifts for the girls to give to me.

Yes, he's worse than me about not being able to wait...they gave them to me tonight. I have a CAMERA BAG! Sweet! Also, I have some kick-butt head phones like his, that I kept borrowing. I suspect that I received those so he could get his own set back, but that's just a guess. Thank you girls, and thank you Kevin!

Now the wind is howling, the ice is flying, and snow is already in KC, almost to arrive here. It WILL be a white Christmas! YEAH! Unfortunately, if it does as they say it will, Kameron's momma doesn't want her traveling, so we may not get her. I just hope the roads are clear, so she can come. I'm not upset at her mom for this: I'd rather her be over-protective than to be neglectful.

OK, I'm rambling. The girls got their hair dyed tonight, we're all snuggled in and waiting for the snow, and I'm listening to music with some AWESOME headphones. Merry Christmas to everyone!


m.v. said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Sheila said...

Merry Christmas Rachel!!!

Amy said...

You'd get my undying gratitiude if you brought me coffee, too. ;-)

Dude....check the CopyKat recipe site for the Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Super good. and 'cause I can make 'em at home, I can have 12 for dinner and nobody looks at me funny...