Friday, September 11, 2009


So, we have these neighbors. When we moved in, the previous owner warned us. I didn't listen. Various other neighbors warned us. We didn't listen.

We didn't listen for a reason. You can think someone is an ass, but I refuse to think that until I've had a chance to form my own opinion and figure it out for myself. Maybe those other folks were spewing sour grapes. Who knows?

So these neighbors have always been cordial to us. I would say they're a bit different, but you blog readers know that we're as weird as it gets. They're fine. We'd like it if they took a Weed Eater to the ditch a couple of times a year, so our kids weren't eaten with mosquitoes, but whatever.

They pointed out the property line within a week of us moving in. Almost sounding offended that Kevin mowed too far over. Where I come from (here) that is being courteous, not rude. Whatever. He stopped mowing that 6" of yard. We're all good. We're pretty darned easy to get along with, honestly.

Tonight, Kevin noticed that they seemed mad, but shrugged it off and went on about his business. He took Monica to a friends house after I got home, and while he was gone, I heard hammering. I went to investigate, and they were driving T posts into the ground, on the property line. Well, until we get the assessment, we won't know if they're truly on the property line. Seriously, I wouldn't have cared...but...

Kevin got home and walked out into the yard to see what was up. He asked how they were: Noses in the air, no answer. He asked if they were doing a bit of construction: Noses in the air, no answer. He asked what kind of fence they were building: Noses in the air, no answer.

Finally, Kevin said, "If we've done something to offend you, I'd like an opportunity to talk about it." Mr. Neighbor points his thumb toward Mrs. Neighbor, which I take as, "this is her problem, ask her."

Well, we know that won't go anywhere. She hasn't answered or acknowledged a single statement or question all night. What's up? What happened? It can't be the dog pooping in the yard or anything, they call him over and feed him regularly. It can't be the kids, since they don't go over there. Do they object to my fat? ACK! I can't fix that without diet and exercise! I can't do it! HELP!

OK, I really don't care. If they build a fence, it's 1/4 less fence that we have to build. I think it's laughable, but still...I'm curious. Or nosey. Whatever. I gotta know what set them off. Why? Who knows? Maybe it's my mother in me.


Donna said...

Your Uncle Phil might be able to tell you more about how to figure out the property line.

Mel said...

Our neighbors are the same way. Rude, stuck up and stupid.

Laughing is the best part about these neighbors. =)

Celeste said...

So what have you found out?