Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update on the Holiday Weekend


Saturday, we helped Kami's mom move in with Brett (Kami's dad.) No, they aren't "together," but they are WORKING together, getting along, and solving problems. Now, Kami gets to spend 99% of her time with a parent. SWEET!

After that, we hung out with some AWESOME cousins that I NEVER get to see. We had a ball, playing around and visiting. Priceless. Even then, though, it wasn't over. We were invited to Fun House Pizza, somewhere my family frequented when I was a kid, and I got to share that with my family. SWEET!

Sunday, we had fun at the store with Kami (she spent the night,) and folks thought she was our baby. Sure, they probably thought we were old parents for a baby, but whatever. Then, we had my BFF Tammy and her hubby, Greg, over to hang out and BBQ. Tammy was 10 days post surgery, so she wasn't 100%, but we still had a great time, other than the frog leg.*

Monday, we went to Mom and Dad's. OK, I drove the lawn mower, 2 miles, down the highway, and Kevin drove the truck. It was fun to tool along, at under 5 mph, and see that nobody (in this tiny town) thought it was weird. They just waved and went on about their business. It was foggy and cool and a perfect morning for a 2 mile ride on the mower.

We helped Dad accomplish a lot after we got there, and Kevin BBQ'd for everyone. We had beef steak, pork steak, hamburgers, dogs, eggplant, peppers, and everything grilled to perfection. Mom made potato salad and squash pie, among other things. After we stuffed ourselves, we got back to work. More accomplished, includeing a LOT of visiting and playing.

Then, Natalie rode in the little trailer while I drove the lawn mower back home. We had a ball...even though she was dragging her hand along the pavement of the highway, and may or MAY NOT have touched raccoon poo. LOL She freaked, I laughed. Still, no weird looks...just waves from passers by.

I wish every weekend could be this good. It made me smile, every time I thought about it today. Let's not forget, though, that I get to go see John Prine this weekend! Who is that? I have *no* idea. LOL Ask Mom.

*so there was this dead frog by our back door, probably killed by a cat. It was drawing flies and we were trying to visit. I scooped it up in the dust pan and threw it into the yard. Later, Kevin decided to mow the back yard. I looked at Greg (Tammy was napping a bit by then) and said, "dude, knowing my luck, he'll hit that frog and I'll have frog guts all over my face!" Greg and I both laughed.

20 minutes later, I felt something hit my back and asked, "What just hit me?" Greg said, "Probably a frog leg!" We both laughed again, and I stood up. Stuck to the back of my chair was a frog leg! The very leg that had bounced off my back! The flesh at the top of the leg was suction cupped to the chair, and the leg stuck out like a prop from a horror film. I grossed out and gagged while running in to the house to change shirts. And I gagged. Sweet Jesus, did I gag!

Yuck. Double Yuck. Triple Dog Yuck.


Hollie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed! LOL about the raccoon poo

When's Kevin having his surgery

Donna said...

Don't forget that Carrie Rodriguez will also be there. Who's that, you ask?

Darned if I know, but she'll be doing the duets with John that he recorded with Iris Dement. I saw some videos on Youtube. I'd rather see Iris, but Carrie seems pretty talented.

Rachel said...

Carrie who? *sigh*

Amy said...

GROSS!! i hate frogs and lizards.

Celeste said...

I am so glad for Kami! weird shivers go up and down my spine everytime i read about that frog.