Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 2 on Jekyll Island

I went to the convention center early, to set up. Grooving along and realized that there was no electric. Hmm, we PAID for electric, so I asked. Dude comes over and tells me he'll hook it up, if I pay for it (again.) OK, pay I did. I have power. We also paid for carpet and a day of vacuuming. However, I have a tile floor with no carpet. What did they vacuum? I'm just sayin', things ain't going so smooth.

The trade show was slow, but good today. It's going fine. My lights won't attach to display the prints, and that would normally be death on this particular booth, but God blessed me with facing toward big windows. Full light on the booth. Problem solved. Yeah, I'm getting by, but by the skin of my teeth.

I was feeling a bit low about it, and my BWF Michelle called from Atlanta. She's doing another show. Things are JUST as bad for HER this weekend. She arrived late after delays, and found that the booth hadn't arrived. Oh yeah, baby. You can bet we talked for a LONG time, laughing and comparing notes.

I love my job, and I love that I can adapt to this stuff. I actually do better with a bit of curve ball thrown at me. I'm cool like that. So is Michelle. That's why the phone call was awesome and healing. That's why I love her. She made me feel better, since she's going through the same stuff.

Cheers, Michelle. Get 'er Done! I know that *I* will. See ya Wednesday!

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