Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The end of the song

If you are truly a music lover, and more so if you commute to work, you'll understand what this is about. Sometimes, right before you get home/to work/to your destination, the best song EVER just gets started. What do you do?

The options are:
  • Park the car and turn it off. You've heard this song 1,000,000 times already.
  • Go in and find the song on your computer/iPod and listen again.
  • Drive around a block or two, until the song is over.
  • Pull into the driveway/parking spot and let it play.
The first option is NOT for me. All of the others are acceptable, but the final choice is the one that I usually make. I did this today. Garth started belting out "The Dance" as I pulled into town. I knew that I would NOT exit the car until the final piano notes had faded away. Good stuff, Garth.

I listen to country, and there are hundreds of songs that will make me exhibit this behavior. Most of them are newer country songs and others are classics, but some pull harder than others. Other people don't like country, but still understand this behavior.

For Kevin, it is Metallica's "One." I'm not moved by it, but he can't stop listening until it's over. We are a very musical-minded family. Jonathan plays guitar, Brett plays guitar, Monica plays guitar and trumpet, Natalie plays clarinet, and then there are the parents. Kevin and I play, too. Yeah, we play the radio.

It's not a talent, but it is the fact that certain music speaks to us...moves us...evokes emotion. We love music, and we're not afraid to sit in our car, in the driveway, after 12 hours away from home, and let the music tell the tale. Until it's done.

And then we move on.


Your brother. said...

I usually keep driving, then go get it off the net if I don't already have it. There are very few country songs I'd bother to hang around for, and they are all old as dirt. "One" would be one that I'd go for a ride for, and that's more than a couple blocks as it's a pretty long song.

Rachel said...

Yeah, he has to drive a while to get through that one...that's for sure.

Lindie said...

There's been many a time I leave the car radio on until it's over and now my granddaughter makes me leave it on for her songs.