Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Weird day, got home on time (earlier than expected, actually.) Rode between an arrogant ass 20ish dude, and an older lady who was batty-nuts.

She had hair died an odd shade of burgundy. She wore a black hat, brown shirt, jeans, pink socks, purple belt, and green and yellow scarf. She shouted out the window several times..."HELLO NASHVILLE! HELLO KANSAS CITY! WOW, WE TOOK OFF FAST! HE'S A SHOW OFF! LOOK AT THOSE CLOUDS! DID YOU SEE THAT? I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN FOOD, DID YOU GET FOOD?"

Sheesh, it was crazy. She was going to see her grandson. He paid for the trip. He's a pilot for the navy. Flies the big planes, like the one we were on. I know all of this because she told me three times. Oh, and when he graduated high school, he had 15 scholarships to all of the name-brand colleges. If I tried listening to music, she'd tap me on the arm so I'd remove an ear bud and listen.


I was never so happy to land in my life. It's chilly here, too. I've been sweating for 4 days, so this was interesting. The humidity in Jekyll Island is usually in the mid 80's. Shower, dress, walk outside, need a shower. I couldn't even see the ocean from the hotel! I could, from the convention center, though. The "Jekyll Island Convention Center" has a great view. (shameless plug for the manager.)

Anywho, I'm home and I'm happy. I'm in my bed, on the computer (with a FULL SIGNAL) watching TV with the girls alternating who lies with me here. It's good to have a family that welcomes you home. I'm all unpacked, and ready to chill.

Even the dog is happy that I'm home.

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Donna said...

Welcome back!