Thursday, September 10, 2009

Places I've never been

I'm heading out next weekend for a convention. My work has afforded me many opportunities for travel, and my parents have shown me a couple of places, too. However, there are many places I've never been. Some, I'd love to see. Others, I'm curious about, and not sure if I'd want to go. The bottom line is, if I win the lotto, I'm visiting many of these never-seen places:

Chicago. Gotta do it. Was close 2 different times, couldn't make it to the city.

New York City. Scared, but willing (don't mug me.)

Australia. Would love to see it, hate long flights.

Hawaii: Oh yeah...private jet please?

Alaska: Going to do this one. We have friends there.

Montana: Hope to get this one through work. We have customers there.

South Dakota: Oh yeah, this is doable.

Los Angeles: I've been to CA, but not lived it up. I'm ready.

The list could go on, but I'm just sayin': I get to go to some awesome places, thanks to others (thanks H&H and Mom and Dad.) I'd love to have the fundage to travel with my family to more cool places. Someday...some day.


m.v. said...

from your list I've been to Chicago multiple times,NY many times (no one will mug you) and LA once.If you decide to go I recommend using for some amazing hotel prices.we stayed many times in Chicago downtown for $60-65/night in a hotel with the lowest rate of $199. We will be staying in Minneapolis tomorrow for $41 at Hilton,which is normally $99. We really like Chicago and it's a nice long weekend trip,not very expensive.

Donna said...

You have some ambitious plans. I just want to see Wyoming, Montana, New England (with Kevin, of course), and California.

And Washington DC, one more time.

Lisa said...

Alaska is beautiful, hope if you ever make it to California we can meet, Hugs Lisa

Lindie said...

I want to do the Alaska cruise thing. Never been on a cruise. I have been in all but 3 contiguous states, the 3 in the NW corner. Part of that was being an AF wife. It also allowed me to see Europe and visit it later when my daughter was in England as an AF wife herself. I lived a year in Germany. Born in Canada but grew up in the US. Love, love, love new places!

Traci said...

I've been to Chicago, NYC, Montana and South Dakota. All lovely in their own way!